broken iPhone

Needless to say, iPhone is one of the most amazing smartphones available in the market today. It offers a wide range of excellent features that make many people around the world crave to have their own unit despite its high price. Its curved screen is really spectacular and its super fast charging speed is awesome. But what if your precious phone gets broken?

Dealing with a damaged can be really inconvenient, frustrating, and expensive. Depending on the iPhone model as well as on the damage and its extent, having your smartphone fixed can cost you hundreds of dollars. Sometimes it can even be almost equal to buying a new unit. Let us take a look at what Apple says about repairing iPhone damages.

Broken screen
One of the most common problems that smartphone owners need to deal with is damaged or cracked screen display. No matter how careful you are in handling and using your phone, accidents can happen in an instant. If you accidentally dropped your phone and its screen got broken, you need to fix it as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

iPhone’s stand on screen damage
Apple usually charges around $129 to $169 for out of warranty screen damage and a flat rate of $29 for a broken screen with AppleCare+. This fix iPhone screen price range applies only to a broken screen. However, this pricing is just a close estimate and is not yet final since Apple still have to examine your phone first before they will give you the final repair cost.

Aside from the cost of repair, you will also have to pay additional costs if there are other damages to your phone plus a shipping fee of $6.95 if shipping is required. The cost for other damages can range from $149 to $399, depending on the damage and model.