Top 7 iOS 13 Tips that are Useful to Take your iPhone to the next level

Apple unveils new devices every year, with it comes much more exciting updates.

Every launch of iOS features a new stunning update. There comes something much more exciting along with every update. With iOS 13, Apple has added a variety of attributes that supports every version from iPhone 6s.

Big features have been introduced in iOS 13, one of them includes dark mode which has been a grand leap for Apple itself. The ability to sign in with Apple using anonymize d email address, audio sharing on Airpods, enhanced video editing and abilities for reminders and various other specifications.

If you want to learn what all you can do with iOS 13, we have uncovered several tricks.

1. Tap and Drag the Volume Indicator 

After many years where you can see many giant volume indicators in the middle of the screen for years now, it has been replaced. You can see the volume indicator with a smaller vertical bar in the upper left corner of the display.

Moreover, you can drag the volume bar up and down with your finger. As you do so, it will show the output of your iPhone sound: speaker, AirPods or Bluetooth device, for example.

2. Use Gesture Typing in Keyboard

Apple is making text manipulation easier with its iOS 13. You can easily tap and hold to pick up the cursor and move it around with ease. Use three fingers to pinch the gesture and copy text, the same gesture to cut text and a three-finger expand gesture to paste the text.

You can even redo and undo effortlessly. Simply, swipe left with three fingers to undo text entry and swipe right to redo.

3. Analyze Screen Time Date of Past 30 days 

You can now analyze, how much screen time you have in the past 30 days. IOS 13 has now screen time data available for the past 30 days. It is much better than in the past 7 days limit.

To operate it go to the screen time section and switch to the new week section at the top. Swipe left on the graph to look for time, week by week, or by days. As you go back in time, you can analyze monthly details too.

4. Create Memoji and Custom set it

Any iPhone with an A9 processor or higher can make a Memoji. Open the messenger app, click on the Animoji icon, swipe left and tap to customize your own emoji. You can even set the emoji as an iMessage profile with a separate name and a picture and you can share it. Go to setting to messages to share name and photo to set it up. Next, select if you want to share it with contacts only, or anyone or always ask.

As a create your own avatar, your system will automatically create a sticker pack for you. That you will be able to share it with anyone on any platform.

5. Automatically close tabs in Safari 

The previous version of the iPhone carries an attribute that stack all the tabs in deck sort of type. That also includes all the stuff you no longer need and so it consumes data from it.

But, worry no more, the new update features a specification that allows you to automatically close unused safari tabs after a certain time. You will get this option when you try to close all the tabs together in Safari. Or you can also set this up manually by going to settings to Safari and to Close tabs.

6. Use Haptic Touch on Every iPhone

Users as far back as iPhone SE are now able to relish the Haptic feature. Access features like the home screen app with quick actions. The little variations like, if you have an iPhone 6s or later, you have 3D touch where you press your screen a bit harder to peek at URLs and perform quick actions on app icons.

In iOS 13, Haptic touch works almost everywhere 3D touch goes. Just long-press on the icon to get its quick action.

7. Optimize Battery Charging 

Go to setting to the battery to battery health, to optimize the battery charging. When you enable this feature, your iPhone will know when you normally charge your phone and how much you use it. The system will use this information to stop charging your phone at 80% if you aren’t going to need it.

By avoiding unnecessary charging, your phone battery should retain more. Even when your phone is old, it will hold as much as charge as a new device.

In brief,

Apple has outdone itself with this new version. The company is known for its innovation and the iOS 13 update certainly doesn’t disappoint. There are many other features of iOS 13, that offers an outstanding operation. These new ways of running iOS is a time-saver. You can expect Apple to perform these many features and you will certainly enjoy it. Try out the latest feature of it with the above tips.

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