Understand Your Phone Before You Give It Out For Repairs

As a consumer, it is your responsibility to maintain the safety of the data stored in your mobile devices. Damaged devices might take longer at repair stores and might have you worry about your data and other important details. Here’s what you must do before you hand out your phone for repairs:

Reach out to a reputable technician

There are certified experts out there who will fully understand your safety requirements and also know how to handle even a drastically damaged phone. Try looking for professionals online as well, read reviews, ask for referrals from friends and family, and then determine what suits you best.

Back up your data

Ensure to back up your device to iCloud, Google Drive or a hard drive before you give out your device to repairs. Doing this will not only reduce the risk of complete data loss, but also have your photos, videos, and documents kept safely.

Backing up data would keep your data secure and wouldn’t leak any personal information to other sources. However, there are few things that you must take into consideration as a consumer of repair services.

Here’s what you must consider about your phone and the damage caused to it before handing it out for repairs.

Consider what a general phone repair costs

Generally, it solely depends on what kind of repair do you want, yet different factors decide how much you will end up handing out to get your phone up and running.

The cost of repairs varies depending on what kind of phone you own. Older models tend to have lower costs of repairs when compared to the newer ones. You can see different prices for Apple, Windows and Samsung repairs.

The repair prices also differ considering the type of repair. General repairs like getting your Samsung camera repair would cost moderate compared to some huge software issues of bigger brands.

Analyze the type of damage and get to know its cost

The next thing you must do is analyzing what kind of damage is caused to your phone. Is it hardware damage or software, is it the broken screen or that you accidentally dunked your phone into the pool? Determine the type of damage and do what you can best do at that moment to prevent further damage.

Cracked screen repair

Cracked phone screens are almost inevitable and are usually common phone repairs that people come with. You have two factors to consider when it comes to repairs:

  1. Cost of repair

Be aware of the cost of cracked screen repairs in the market. Research online to find out the cost-effective local stores for your repairs.

  1. Repair shop

Always go for a reputable repair shop to fix your electronic gadgets. You might have to pay a little higher, but getting your phone repaired from a professional will give you peace of mind in the longer run.

Water damaged phone

The cost of repairing water damaged cell phones may vary depending on the brand of the cell phone. Determining the extent and intensity of the damage is very important in water damaged phones. More often than not, repair shops give a free diagnostic check for the water damaged devices or charge some refundable payment. It is after analyzing they can tell you the approximate repair cost for your water damaged devices.

However, the effects of water damage do not always show right away. It is unfortunate that even after repair, you might have not solved the issues that water damage must have caused you. The least you have to pay for a water damaged phone is around $50 but the severe damages can cost $100 or more.

Camera repair

The issues with the camera start to develop in smartphones over time. The problems with hanging cameras or clarity issues or broken lenses are quite common. We have often come across complaints regarding Samsung’s camera issues. The users have noticed the downfall in the quality of Samsung camera over time.

Phone warranty

It is a misconception that getting your damaged phone fixed from a repair shop will void your manufacturer’s warranty. Rather than the repair, it is the damage itself that is likely to void the manufacturer’s warranty. It is your responsibility as a consumer to be sure to take the fine print of any warranties or protection plans to get with your phone.



The damaged phone repairs are prevalent, especially with the touch screen phones these days. However, it is crucial to know; the amount of damage caused to your device before you give it out for repairs. It is highly recommended to compare costs if you are reaching out to mobile phone repair stores. Going straight to the manufacturer for your small repairs might cost you higher than its worth, yet it is better to prioritize safety at all times.